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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Jack Jones I.J (Part 4 - 4) Novel

 She looked hesitant as she carefully pointed the gun from side to side. She pulled a phone out of her pocket and yelled, " how far away you are" Then she followed "you sure fifteen minutes"  went on to say on the phone, after listening for a while. "No I am not its just a cat, pushing pans down in the kitchen". Ok see you Hun she added,  looked through the window, closed the back door and went next to the cupboard.

 She stood in front of it for a while, turned round to walk off. Jack Jones came out of the cupboard, drop the gun he said "drop the fucking gun". Hands up Jack Jones added, soon as she held her hands up he grabbed the gun on the floor, with a shock on her face surprised to see him without a gun but the one she had just dropped. Jack Jones, had a grin on his face, nice move he thought  said "hi we spoke on the phone remember" 

She just looked at Jack Jones, bemused. He  pointed the gun at her and in the direction of Godwin. Then said, "how about freeing your boyfriend tied up in the leaving room before your other boyfriend turns up". Move! Jack Jones added shouting it out loud, quickly he had Godwin untied. Two cars pulled into Godwin’s driveway all Jack Jones wanted now was to be the one to break the story. His journalistic instinct had kicked in. 

He had Godwin sit back, in-pretence as if he was still tied up. Jack Jones had Jennifer open the door (at least that’s the name she gave him on the phone earlier) as would have been expected by Steven, Jack Jones still had the gun pointed at her. He whispered to her as she opened the door "any wrong move trust me, I will blow your brains out, no joke sweetheart".

 Steven walked in arguing as he made his way with the mystery man towing behind him. By now Jack Jones had figured out the mystery man was the one calling all the shoots from his body language. "Steven you have brought all this unto yourself, said the mystery man angrily" Steven looked back at the man. 

The next few minutes the room was filled with gun fire and smoke as Jack Jones went behind the sofa shooting back as he was being shot at. Jack Jones looked up and saw Godwin on the floor, Jack Jones couldn’t tell if Godwin had been shot, one thing for sure he wasn’t moving. 

"Robert" shouted Steven as the mystery man he brought in tried to escape, Robert turned, pointed his gun at Steven and two loud bang bang followed, Steven was dead as he laid in a pool of blood with bullet wounds through his chest. As Jack Jones looked up Robert pointed his gun at him, he pulled the trigger but nothing happened. He had no bullets left,  he turned facing the door to run out. Jack Jones pulled the trigger a flash light came out of the gun followed by a loud bang.

Robert went down on the floor holding his leg "you shot me" he said looking up at Jack Jones, Jack Jones smiled back at him. Godwin the magician, had just come back from the dead. He got up brushed his trousers off any debris that cuddled him with freight as he went down for cover  and then he asked "is it over". Jack Jones  laughed out loud. Jennifer had been shot in the arm and she lay there bleeding "it is over"  Jack Jones said 

Jack Jones, went towards Jennifer, gave her a helping hand to seat up, Jack Jones sat in the sofa still holding the gun with it warm mouth piece sending a sensation through his leg, where the gun made contact with his flesh, it felt good. Feeling something after all the shock from the near death experience which had just taken place was a joy. 

Godwin let himself go and fell into his favourite chair. He looked at Jack Jones and then he said "this chair is now going to be priceless". ‘Jennifer right?’ Jack Jones asked, she looked looked up "are you going to tell me what all this was about" the only one she held loyalty for, was Steven and he lay dead in the room shot by the very man who got them involved. Like an open tap the whole story came out of her.

First to get the story, Jack Jones felt good as a journalist his biggest story yet. The blue light from the police car came flashing from outside as armed policemen went rushing in "too late" Jack Jones said as he dropped the gun on the floor and rested his head on the sofa. 

The next morning Jack Jones sat in his living room having a cup of tea. The paper boy on his round had just dropped The Daily Sunset paper and Jack Jones' dog was sat at the front door barking away...."Shut up Chico"  Jack Jones went past him and grabbed the paper. On the front page was a big picture of Jack Jones with a passport size photo of the Kidnappers and Robert.

 It read the "HERO JOURNALIST" Jack Jones sat down next to his cup of tea and read the article with his name written below as the author Jack Jones. It read Robert Church a one-time business tycoon and a philanthropist has been trafficking drugs with  a high profile drug-lord, in an effort to stop the story from breaking he kidnapped an investigative journalist Jack Jones, things got out of hand when his hunch men decided to make extra money on  ransom, before killing the journalist Mr. Jack Jones.

The phone started ringing Jack Jones placed the news paper on the coffee table. "Hello Jack Jones I have got a great story for you" come on give me a day to rest, he replied as he rushed upstairs to get ready for work, on the next big story.

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