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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My Avatar

I know, when I look around..
Like the seashore knows, to show it's  face..
When the tidal waves, draws back..

I know as fact, 
As breath knows, it is to life..
And hearts can not miss, 
Too much of a two step..
In skipping beating rhythm.

I just know as fact, 
This seems too surreal..
Did I sleep and wake to walk..
Or did I wake, to sleep in walk, in second life..

Reality and illusions, 
Caught in cat fights..
Of tags of wars, 
And borders are left blurry..
In lanes, sat in-between train tracks on rails..

Scify and wifi, seems to be connecting the dots..
Wires in tell, tell signs, are no longer visible..
Is this real, real as in pinch and bleed..

Or has dreams besiege my day..
While revolutions, evolutions of silicon..
Breeds illusions in silicon valleys..

And friends,
Are of a thousand in avatar..
But only a handful, dine with me in person..

I know when I look around..
I know as confusing fact..
While I play poker, pulling poker faces
With my avatar..

1 comment:

  1. I like this. Technology does play a part in our lives today especially as much time we spend online. Nice poem Kodjo.


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