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Monday, 23 August 2010

To Love n Trust

When windows shutter..
In glass houses; freak storm!..
By the force on breeze..
And rose gardens are...
Left deserted without a trim..
Thorns on rose that scar..

When breath is deprived of the living..
And crabs do the walk on, walk by..
Without shells, exposed to the heavens..

Close your eyes, and let go, to safety..
 I will distance your fall from the floor..
Trust me!...

When affection is given;..
But certitude, faith, believe is left void..
And golden fishes are taken out of waters..
Deprived of swim, "save your fins",
By those that profess, to them as pets
With care, with love, protection in OTT..

When a hug is given so tightly..
To have drained the last air,..
Out of the recipient of passion..
You took my breath away 

When admiration..
Turns into stare gaze and stalk..
And discomfort becomes..
Of the one, so admired..

When doubt, paranoia takes centre stage..
In precedents followed by suspicions..
And love is filled with mistrust in residence..
Of love den 

Watch a candle light, tenderly..
Placed in a closed jar,..
To stop the winds,  from blowing it dead..
Slowly die out in extinction..
Deprived of oxygen..
Is to have love without trust..

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