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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Not A Happy Bunny

 I am, not a happy bunny..
In a very bad, clouded place..
Really needing, doors to open..
I am not a happy bunny 

These fumes,
Are choking me dead..
Like a caged bird..
I am not a happy bunny 

I am with wings..
Left locked, in cages..
Watching procrastination ..
Play  parts, in my pain of frustration ..

One can not deny, what act in plays ..
The couch played in potatoes..
In setting these stages of bitter pill
In cinema seats watching life, in passing..

For the now, now situation is unacceptable..
Even the tank of oxygen pulled on to inhale 
In dilly-dallying of happy gas, happy hour 
Can not hide the annoyance, being felt ..

A gold fish placed in water, that of salt ..
Instinctively knows, something, is not right ..
For numb, can not become of the gifted minds..
In brain dead, status of vegetative states..

Tormented to put into action, ..
Thoughts of brain waves ..
This is not acceptable, my friend ..
And I am not a happy bunny..


  1. 人生像一杯茶,若一飲而盡,會提早見到杯底..................................................

  2. very well written poem friend, very truthful :)


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