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Monday, 9 August 2010

Sermoned to Witness

I have come to bear witness to affliction..
Not to be the one, done by it..
But called to bear witness..
In the Kings courtyard..

Three days, I waited in patience..
To author my sight,..
Transformed into words..
Of what aridity, has done across..
The landscapes of old kingdom..

And watch mothers freely..
And willingly, desperately,..
Give out their young ones..
To strangers passing by..
Without names in exchange as curtsey, surety..
"He would be better of with you"..
She shouted, in audacious believes..
"Please take him, keep him"..

For once you have gone over the horizon..
I can live on hope, be him alive or dead..
I will not know, or wish to know..
Hope of what I choose to believe..
Will be a price well paid..

These were the sounds, songs..
Being sang, in the valleys where..
Rain fell cheated by so much tears...
A stone throw from the Kings palace..

He shouted out, to guests gather..
Who have travelled from afar to merry..
This is my Kingdom, with it's richest..
Eat drink and merry make..

But do not step out into the valleys..
No need to see or hear, what lies behind..
These walls of comfort pride..
My people will bring it's wealth to you..


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