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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Phoenix Breaths

Have you seen, with gifted sight..
The bottom line of pits..
Made stand and smiled..
On platform stage..

Have you danced a tango with a cactus..
And bowed down in appreciation..
While still unplugging what was left behind..
In piercing thorns on skins..

Do not speak bad of the dragon..
I have come to appreciate it's breath..
In dens he owned, I sat in a lodger..
He kept me warm and gave light 

Trick or treat, is from what side..
Side of the coin the toss, gravitates..
So the lucky coin, still has a side..
Unseen yet, until show of hands..

Like everything else, in matter..
Do not speak bad of the dragon's breath...
That is the way, blindly  
Opportunities are lost on perception  
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1 comment:

  1. You always provoke thoughts in me when I read your poetry. Today is nothing different. Carry on.


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