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Friday, 20 August 2010

In Last Rites

He said all words..
Till there was none left to say..
Watched red pour on the soil..
Till all was left cream-son..

And shouted out..
So loud, he lost his voice on revenge..
When finally he said in regret..

He lost his voice ..
So no one heard him say..
So no one heard him say..

If the beginning tells stories..
Of chaos and carnage..
And man is born with a mothers pain..
Where lies paradise on this here earth..

To have heard him mumble..
Retrieve, reform, refrain..
But in what context..
On choices made to hear him say..

And the dead regret in deeds..
And the living call them legends..
And pour more blood on soil..
Till the whole earth was drenched..

Where is paradise on earth..
Of the stories that got told..
Of the comfort and safety ..
Of the world we want for our children..
Where is paradise, here on earth..

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