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Sunday, 8 August 2010

In A Day

While days break dawn..
To set in dramas of what..
Characters we choose to play..
In new days..

Punch lines of jokes said..
Between friends gaffes..
By the gaffer, who chooses..
Never to disappoint..

He ushers in the lines, One line..
That sets a minute of awkward silence..
In moments, with stares by all..

To yell, smile or  be angered 
“What is he on about”..
Followed by the jesters laughter..

Comedy of life, we cry inbetween 
Read a chapter of your book of life 
Let me read a chapter of mine

Then to the days end..
Handshakes, hugs, pecks..
Love you, you too..

Till tomorrow brings in a new light..
For in the day we set out roles to play 
And at night we take such costumes off 
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