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Monday, 2 August 2010

Under The Christmas Tree

Peppa pig, Nelly the elephant..
Wooden cubes , squishy bears..
Feeding bottles , baby toys..
Baby swings, nappies worn..
Push chairs and buggies too..

At what age, to search to find..
To seek to know..
How things are made..
To set to task, such wonder minds..

Plastic guns, radio controls,..
Barbie toys, The Bratz 
Thomas the tank, Post man pat, 
GI Joe, Custom clothes..

At what age to seek, to know..
To know with names..
To see, as labels, how thing are made..
To have as preference, from identical..
To have as Christmas presents

Tricycles, to bicycles, to scooters..
PSP's, to Play-stations..
Nintendo and X-box played..
All under the Christmas tree

Does the mind at such young age..
Have to be, reclined, relieved..
Of lives daunting, of task to be..

As to answers , 
Of how things are made?..
How things are bought?

For the Christmas budget, so much derided..
And the gift wrapped up, nice to please..
To have sat in lofts, just gathering dust..
After excitements of wrappers, ripped off..

Does the mind, at such young age..
Know with value, ..
How things are made..
What of the beggar on the streets

From factories, warehouses, to shop on shelves ..
And pounds and dollars, spent on the day..
At what age , do we know in worth..
To appreciate, how things are made..

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  1. great write~Peace&Love~Darwin (The PisceanRIng)

  2. Nice write... when do we start wondering how things are made, where all these toys come from? A question for the ages...

  3. Really enjoyed this...the questions..who are we, what are we..what does all this matter,,,,do we appreciate the hands and heart the mind..behind all this Christmas...all this Christmas....thank you KD...bkm

  4. lovely wonders..
    awesome take on the prompt.
    Merry Christmas.


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