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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Jack Jones IJ (Part 2 - 4) Novel


Jack Jones could only see a meter ahead of him, the dogs were getting closer and so were the kidnappers. "John", - Jack heard one shout out, - "move down to the left, I think I saw a movement there". The professionalism of the kidnappers faded away, as day became of dawn and tables turned, with adrenaline kicked in, they chased Jack Jones down the hill, this gave him confidence. Suddenly he was running faster and faster. "Mark where the fuck are you?" Jack heard from a distance as they kept running after him. 

The gushing sound of unmistakeable waterfalls, from a not so far distance, meant he could lose the dogs if only he could get to the water. In a short distance Jack Jones was at the edge of the waterfalls, it looked steep he thought to myself lamenting on whether to jump. Jack had finally managed to create some distance between where he was and the kidnappers.

It was all confusing to him, how he ended up in the room. Last Jack Jones remembered he was knocking on a door in Swindon to cover a story, that had just been leaked to him, it was going to be his big story, his big break, the one to get him noticed. Jack Jones remembered knocking on the door of 28 Downend Street-, nothing after that, but to wake up, sat in a basement in the middle of nowhere with four kidnappers, heavily armed now chasing him.

It was clear, these guys meant business and the only thing standing in their way was his will to live. The odds were against Jack Jones, even with his willingness to live; six against one counting the dogs as well. Not to talk of the guns and night visions glasses these guys had. The barking started again then Jack Jones heard a gunshot, he knew he had to jump off the edge. Jack Jones went with his eyes closed. The water felt cold, soon he was swimming up onto the surface. Jack Jones hid under the rocks of the waterfalls, a relief that the dogs cant track his scent any-more.

He felt tired and hungry. To get out of this predicaments he had to think fast. What was the big story all about he wondered. “£100,000 ransom money, where am I and who is the mystery guy calling all the shots”. These guys seemed to have a military background and looked well prepared. His memory felt a bit faded a little spot on his arms revealed, what he had suspected, had happened. Jack Jones had been drugged, he couldn’t even make out what day it was. The good news so far, was, he knew he was still in the country from what he had seen on the TV in the hideout house.

Early morning, the birds started singing, that woke him up. Surprisingly he had a very deep sleep. It was far from being safe, not knowing exactly where he was. The light he saw could be at any distance, and there was no immediate sign of civilisation around him. Jack Jones heard voices again the kidnappers had caught up with him. He looked through the waterfalls and saw them searching tracks for his footstep trials. This time the Four kidnappers had their masks off and he could see their face.

"Mark", - one called out, then Mark turned, now Jack Jones knows who Mark is; "Look behind the waterfalls" he added. 'OK Steve' replied Mark,  slowly Jack Jones moved to the opposite side of the direction Mark was coming from. Jack Jones couldn’t find a place safe enough to hide any more, and Mark was getting closer. Jack Jones jumped out, from behind the waterfall into the river, the dogs started barking again. 

Shots were now being fired at him in the river,  he dived down and could see the bullets coming at him in the water...  Jack Jones swam fast, and went further down in the river. He heard a splash, there was someone in the river with him now, but he couldn’t tell which one of the kidnappers it was, who ever it was, he was gaining ground.

Jack Jones jumped out at the river bank, headed with speed into the forest. After a while running without a look back he heard cars passing by, he quickly made his way towards the road. Jack Jones felt a sigh of relief, seeing a police car coming towards him. he jumped onto the road, waving his hand "stop stop stop" with desperation he yelled. The police car  came to a stop with a screeching sound, burning his tyres, Quickly Jack Jones tried forcing his way into the car. 

The doors were locked, he shouted out at the policeman "I am being chased by a group of kidnappers please let me in." The policeman opened the door and Jack Jones quickly jumped into the car. Just then Mark came out from nowhere had a silencer on his gun. The window of the driver's side of the police car shattered into pieces. The policeman, fell into the passenger seat before he could even say a word into the police radio.

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