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Friday, 6 August 2010

Dead Presidents "Free Verse"

Dead presidents, residents, decedents..
Stands in line, laid in possession,..
Wrapped, draped in colors, ..
Six feet under with last rites, courtesy  
And so I don't speak bad of the dead president..

Dead presidents tombstones, I stand on,..
Aware of, where I use to stand, in corners narrow,..
Where, rain gushed, on my forehead, reminiscing..
Battles fought, to make it rain success..

Back then, them days, back when..
When we were young, dead, broke and looking up,..
Dead presidents held cards, in A's..
Refused to show them, share them, selfish..

Relished the zeal, power brought in, intoxication.. 
Made one, whole lot of  noise loud, in show off..
Of smoking screen; like see me, watch me, he-who..
Taunting with the little, that placed them above us..

But we were just starting, setting, ready, steady..
Had more gas left in tanks, the rest is..
We were just sparking on fumes, to start with,..
A little jog, that was, before race date, in bolts ..
Gun shots, on start lines, we gone..

Now they all done, gone now, gone and done now..
Dead and gone in limelight, burnt out 
Left with shadows of what was before, men..
Still talking about, yesterday's reign..

Yesteryear's fame and fortune ...
In past glory, past life, past stand..
Egyptian mummies, dead presidents..

Note; dead presidents tombstones..
I stand on, my stage set,..
This is just, before the storms...
In verses, rest is, I rest my case, in cases..

To say you knew me, before me, ..
Dead presidents please, before flight 
To hold me down, on stands, of the previous 
In incidents, instances gone before..

Setting precedents, in residents on struggle's path..
So you knew me, yea you knew me ..
When arrested developments was tied down..
Like chains on slaves, lions restrained  

Dead president's, tombstone I stand on ..
For he knew me, before reign..
I am in well placed positions to jet off, sky high..
He-who,  now he watches me fly by..
And says he knew me..

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