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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Breaking Fast

Sugar for my tea..
Or a sweetener, it is..
It is with preference..
As one desires..

Milk from the dairies..
As powdery dry, condensed..
Semi-skimmed, skimmed..
Whole, or as one desires..
Simply milk..

Or not for the taste bud..
Of the one, who has none..
It makes no difference,..
In differential, but I rather without..
It is with preference, as one desires..

To have tea, coffee, coco..
Porridge, cereal, or cerelac...
It is with choice, as choices made..
In preference,  with preference, as on desire..

Loaf, my bread, white or brown..
Bacons and beans, tomatoes,..
Sausages and eggs in tow, ..
Strawberries and raspberries..
Honey  or  jam and pancakes on plates..
As one desires..

But for my morning rituals..
This is how it is goes..
With preference, in preference,
In desire, it is with preference..
After the alarm clock goes..


  1. very nicely written, I mean amazing how much was written here about food and intersting too

  2. Love your poem and the food just delicious. Now I think I am hungry.
    Theme Thursday

  3. I prefer roti tellur myself, with kurri kepala ikan

  4. This prompt sure is stirring the taste buds... delicious take, by preference.

  5. Simply breakfast---as one desires--- I admire the placid way you described your straightforward view of the prompt and told us what you like. I am utterly amazed at the variety of responses to the prompt.

  6. Preference wins, and why not?..delightful!

  7. Solid read, love the end-stanza.

  8. That's a tasty meal .. :)
    I like it that way too- my way.. wink

    Hugs x


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