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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

On Trails

Perceptions are only perceived..
On the basis of assumptions..
Assumptions are made..
In turn, on the concept..
Of an unknown element..

By the inept...
Who makes omelettes..
Without breaking eggs..

One can only tell how..
Hot the heat feels on the skin..
If one stands, close enough..
To the fire to feel the burn..
In close encounters..

And thus, the turtle's shell..
On the behind of a sailfish..
Will leave it crawling in steps..

Not from a distance..
Perceptions and assumptions..
False Prophets..
Hate not, what you do not understand..

Walking on ropes..
Is not for the faint hearted ..
While luck becomes a foreign word..
To the desperately despair..

It is just an enigma,..
Soon to be explained, ..
In time, in lessons taught..
Learnt, in life experience..
Patience boi!..


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