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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sweet and Sour

Few have seen..
The beauty of Rafflesia arnoldii..
Here on earth blossom..

What a sight, it did be,..
To have seen in person..
Watch as giants portray graceful beauty..

Like the sweet sounds of music..
Sang songs by Susan Boyle..
On stages drawn..

And such romantic feel..
It brings of time travel, back into time, 
Centuries and centuries in time

Count down to times..
When dinosaurs once ruled..
In Jurassic parks..

But to have seen,..
Is to have smelt odour..
Not of exquisite fine aroma..

That sweetens the nostrils ,..
But decaying flesh, ..
hmm of horrors..

And thus pain becomes of love..
And thus pain is love..
And thus beauty is pain..
And love is beautiful..


  1. Beautiful words, and you have a interesting way of writing. :D Rafflesia, in my opinion is the most mysterious and wonderful flower I ever seen :D

  2. Your way with words is refreshing...


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