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Friday, 13 August 2010

My Car and I

Do I look like my car..
Do I, do I, do I..
With long noise, or short noise..
Ears on as side mirrors..
And eyes that sits, in front as headlights..

Do I look like my car..
Like a twin, a brother..
A sister, a sibling, a child..
Does another, similar  
Do I , do I, oh, do I..

Eeeh gosh..
Do I, look like my car..
Like a husband, does a wife..
When they dress in pair, in colours..
Uniformed to a character,..
And call that their emblem..
Do I look, do I, do I, or do I?..

Which side would it be..
Or be it, to have turned..
A little to the left..
Maybe, yea it maybe..

Why do people say..
I look like my car..
Like Aunty red car, did her car..
I swear, she looked exactly like her car..

Now people say the same to me..
You look, you look, alot like your car..
Why do people say I look like..
My car 

Oh and why do I talk to my car 
Why do I talk to my car..
Do I, do I, oh yes I do..
Oh but why though 

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