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Friday, 27 August 2010

Jack Jones IJ (Part 3 - 4) Novel


The back-doors were locked, and Jack Jones was sitting in the back seat. Mark looked back through the car mirror at Jack Jones, sat in the back seat, Mark pushed the policeman's lifeless body over. He said something in a foreign language in the two-way radio he had. Jack Jones knew Mark would have by now told the others he has found him. Mark turned the car around, didn’t even look at Jack Jones a second time and drove off.

Jack Jones  had that feeling of a child who has just been told off, after he had been caught with his two hands in between his legs. He sat quietly being driven back to the place he had spent all night running from. There was no escape, not for the second time, once they get back into the house. Jack Jones locked behind a car driven by a guy who is prepared to kill him by noon.

Jack Jones looked down almost accepting defeat, then he saw a police batten on the floor, he looked up again, saw a big grin on Mark's face, happy to be the one who caught him and the stories that would follow, Mark telling the others in detail summary. The police officer lay lifeless beside Mark in the front passenger seat. Jack Jones had to act fast, he thought, without hesitating he picked up the stick and connected straight with the back of Mark's neck, Mark lost control of the steering wheel, as his head slowly rested on the steering wheel and his feet firmly on the accelerator paddle. 

The police car was now moving fast around the bend with no one driving it. Jack Jones was still locked  at the back of the car, he laid back on the seat and with both legs smashed the  back window into shatter.  He picked Mark's two-way radio and came out thumbing on the floor before finally settling. The car smashed the ballad and went over into the valley. It caught fire before exploding. At the edge of the road Jack Jones stood, looking down at the exploding car the shock woke him up, along came his lost memories.

Jack Jones heard Steven and the others on the two-way radio, the burning car had just given them his location, it was likely that would bring them to his location.  Jack Jones started descending back on the road the car had just come from, looking out cautiously for the others. He hoped he did come across another car, but none came. After a few miles of walking  Jack Jones was now standing in front of a roadside restaurant. The name Godwin had sprung to mind along with his house telephone number "0117 555-345". Jack Jones asked one of the waitress if they had a phone and she pointed out to the direction of the bar. 

Jack Jones called the number, a lady answered the phone, she had a foreign accent, but not like that of what Jack Jones knew Godwin's girlfriend had, more similar to the kidnappers he thought. Jack Jones asked her, if that was Godwin's house, not sure if he had called the wrong number. Jack Jones knew Godwin had a girlfriend but she was Hungarian. And as the girl answered -"yes"-, Jack Jones asked who she was. She answered "I am his girlfriend". 

She asked where Jack Jones was calling from, just then he hanged up the phone, he went back into the restaurant and everyone seems to have disappeared. Outside stood Steven with the other kidnappers. The waitress, he spoke with earlier on, was pointing towards his direction speaking to Steven. 

Jack Jones quickly went back to the phone in the restaurant, but it was dead, the line had been cut. Something told Jack Jones, he was in for a long run, he thought to himself. On the two-way radio Jack Jones heard Steven say "he is in the building",  Jack Jones looked  for a window to climb out off. Unfortunately all the windows downstairs were facing an open area quickly, Jack Jones climbed up the stairs, there was a window with a tree just outside it, he climbed out of the window unto the tree, something he used to do when he was a little boy in the farmhouse where he grew up.

A car was parked just below the tree, Jack Jones climbed down slowly, he got into the car looked out no one saw him, as he got in. He hot-wired the car and quickly sped off "thank God I got no one killed this time" - Jack Jones mumbled. Again the chasing started, Steven and the two others had two cars not far behind, chasing him. Jack Jones was doing 90 miles an hour on a small country road with sharp bends and high hedges all around the road. The road was too small for two-way traffic,  he had his fingers crossed hoping there wouldn't be any cars coming from the opposite direction as he drove on.

 Steven and the others were now gaining ground, the back windscreen went smashing up as Jack Jones heard gunshots. He ducked still driving and moved into a very narrow side park as a lorry blew it`s loud horn heading from the opposite direction, seconds later as Jack Jones tried catching his breath with his adrenalin flying off the roof, he heard a loud bang, BOOM. Jack Jones said in reaction"fuck that didn’t sound good". He still wished the guys had survived the accident as he pulled out to have a look. The second kidnapper’s car with Steven in it was cutting through the hedges. Jack Jones was off again, took a sharp right then a left,  found a hiding spot and reversed into it for cover.

Their car went speeding by, Jack Jones decided to follow from a distance, now the tables had been turned. "Let’s see where these guys go" Jack Jones said, as he followed. After driving in circles for a while, he drove towards Bristol, seeing the signs for Bristol, Jack Jones became more confident, he gambled thinking they were heading to Godwin's house, he took a short cut he knew to Godwin’s house, parked the car a few streets away.

 For a second Jack Jones wanted to call the police but he didn’t have all the facts and the police would probably get killed, just like the first one if the kidnappers hear the siren of the police car he thought. As Jack Jones walked closer to Godwin’s house, he thought to himself "what on earth are you doing mate". Jack Jones jumped Godwin’s back fence sneaked into the house from outside, he peeked through the back window. Godwin was sat with his hands tied behind his back.

A few years back when Jack Jones joined the newspaper, the young journalists were taken on a streetwise self defence class. He always thought, it was a waste of time coming out with bruises all over, but that is where Jack Jones had learnt how to pick a lock. Gently tweaking away in the back door with a piece of metal, lying around.  For the first time since this all started, he had a smile on his face, far from the situation being over though.

After tweaking on the lock for a while, the back door opened, Jack Jones crept in slowly almost crawling on the floor. He lifted his head up to see how close he was to jump. As Jack Jones went up, his shoulders knocked a saucepan on the kitchen table. It wobbled a bit then fell down; damn! Jack Jones had to move, he quickly crawled to the other side of the kitchen, a cupboard was opened just big enough for Jack Jones to fit in. Just then a woman walked into the kitchen, through the cupboard door Jack Jones could see a 9mm pistol with a silencer.

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