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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Beneath Chile I Breathe

Depth of earth, as canopy over me..
Deep beneath Chile, I breathe...
The sun's burns, can not reach my soul here..

While oven's heat, is felt like sauna..
Fortune  and lust, are now entangled ..
As with the air I breathe on bites, in blocks..
Left,  prioritising rethinking, in measures..

Did I say to love, for your love my vows...
Bones I did pick, with phantom rage..
Puff!, vanquished from emotions feel..
Like it never was before, in amnesia 

I did confess and make a comrade, my priest..
He looks desperate, awaiting his turn too..
I will lay a crown of ring on loves finger..

I will lay doubting hearts to rest ..
You are my only Mona Lisa..
And say these three words, from heart..
That wobbles her knees with joy..
"I love you"
And mean it, to have said it so..

I will give V signs, to eyes that broadcast
I will sing an anthem and pledge..
Allegiance to the very earth..
That consumes me..

My country, my people, my land..
And mother earth will know..
To spit me out of her belly,..
For I don't belong, in such depths yet..

I will sweat a bucket and grow wild beard..
When finally, I reach earth's surface..
Like the mole that mines the earth..
Building molehills, to stand on as victory stands..

I will breathe like never before..
Only to have seen trees again..
The breeze and smell of love of nature in my nostrils.. 
And a hug, that have been starved from lovers grip for so long..


  1. very apropo...watching it live right now ready to celebrate with the families...

  2. A wonderfully current topic. As Brian, I watch right now as well. So seldom is news on television this heartening!

  3. I think you capture a great deal of the emotion felt following the story as it unfolds. Moving poem. Excellent One Shot!

  4. it was in the news just some minutes ago - a great poem on an current topic..very well done!

  5. They will be rescued soon, thank goodness!

    A timely and true One Shot!

  6. Nice tribute....Mother Earth has spit them all out to breathe again her blessings....bkm

  7. Thanks so much for writing this tribute to those brave souls. I have been teary with each new miner who is saved

    A news Worthy One Shot

    moon smiles

  8. Timely, relatably universal-human and solid. Worthwhile work, my friend. :)

  9. you've captured this beautifully as if you are there with them. Lovely poem. xo

  10. Wonderful capturing of a very surreal moment in time. Love and Light, Sender

  11. This was an amazing event and you captured it.

  12. This is very deep..and indeed you have brilliantly captured the essence.. beautiful

  13. It took me a while to figure out this was an old piece, not that that makes it bad in any way (and very suitable for the underground prompt)! Made me think of how short human memories are and how much being trapped underground is one of my worst nightmares! *smile*

  14. A touching piece and tribute, to those who waited for rescue.


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