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Sunday, 11 September 2011

911 Darkened Clouds

A decade past, just like yesterday's dawn 
Still within the echoes of winds 
Cries of the innocent can be heard 

When help line numbers , we call for help
Are hijacked by the soulless,  for havoc on us  
And 911 becomes a darkened cloud 

Within the rains that pour  on us 
Tears of the innocent accompany the drop  
And gravity pulls the falling strong, through windows fall 

Like a ghost haunt, on repeat play  
The dust of horror, itched in memory's hold
Consumed a mixture of race and gender with no preference 

No preference of religion, creed or age  
With mangled steel of once so great  
To symbolise human endeavor stand 

A decade past, when sons, daughters  
Sisters, brothers, wives, fathers, grandfathers 
Grandmothers, friends, oh friend lost 

A decade past since I last heard your cry  
But the winds carry your memory strong
The winds, will always carry your memory, I hold 
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  1. 911
    Help us!
    Help mankind....

    All the time the 'dust of horror' reminds us, doesn't it?

  2. yes those memories carry forward even to this day just as clear as if it were yesterday...it is solidified in my memory...nice spin....

  3. I have to agree with Brian, 2001 is etched forever in my heart. Great poem here.

  4. Terrorism pointlessly killed people of all types, the wind deposited the smoke and ash willy-nilly, and the sun shines on the nothing new. Perhaps, in memory, there is hope of learning something from this.

  5. Yes this was such a dark cloud for all the world to see and this day will not be forgotten. Even on International TV and so far away we held a silent prayer and lit a candle for this very day and the tragic it brought to the entire world

  6. A touching and respectful poem. Well written.

  7. I wonderful poem to memorialize the tragedy. The last stanza is particularly poignant.


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