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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Last Gulyas Soup

I should have seen it coming 
Really should have, hunger rumbling my stomach 
With preview given at a glance 

What's with a seat at the high table 
Drinks and pleasantries, opened arms 
And the art of given mastered 

My nose senses, my stomach awakens 
Oblige to the scent of aroma 
The wonderful gulyas soup 

This is home made, Anya Horváth
Bespoke with serenading love 
As it boils to fill an apatite  

Mine is to say yes please, 
Kérem, please do serve 
My hunger awaken to feast 

On yours precious, köszönöm 
Will be my last words 
When I am finished, with delight 

Note: The picture shown not the Gulyas soup I had,
finished it before thinking of writing this piece
I am sure to have some more, however the title
gives the poem a feel to reflex the holiday I was on
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  1. Lovely poem Kodjo... and that soup up there really made me hungry. smiles.

  2. Came back from your holiday strong, even with food you spun a great mix, nicely done!

  3. It would nice to serve that feast of a soup hot ~

    Now I am hungry for dinner ~

  4. nice nothing like a bowl of soup to fill you with warmth...that then spills from your pen....nice write kodjo

  5. Looks wonderful, and it sounds like it brought both enjoyment and comfort :)

  6. Sometimes a dish is so monumental it inspires us to write! (Looks delicious!)

  7. Yes, there is so much comfort in a bowl of hot soup, it warms the soul~

  8. A bowl of hot soup.....beautiful poem

  9. Your poem gives me hunger pains...loved it!


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