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Saturday, 24 September 2011

This Natural World

Standing on the treadmill  
Of this life line, passing by, sleep walking 
With blinks of what we don't see flashlight 
Half of what we see, that we see  

To refuse to acknowledge  
Travelling through space  
Between reasons and understanding  
In no man's land 

I look up, into the heavens 
And constantly I am made aware
In acknowledgement, how insignificant we are  
For what we fight for, to own, to build 

Dead men's blood poured on this soil 
In battles fought long before, wasted  
Forgotten limps and medals of honour 
Stands, Colosseum, kings who ruled 

And Rome fell; long, long before invaders entered
This  artificial world we fight so  hard to own 
To trade friendship, to claim 
More fragile than the natural world around 

Rats, cockroaches  and ants, wild grass 
Constantly invading, pigeons and sea gull 
Rains insult on it's very grand gesture 
Constantly needing to be cared for 

To keep from rotten, this world, this life 
I breathe, the air that surround 
And  instantly I am made to appreciate 
What mother nature has offered  so freely 

This world, this life opened landscape 
I see mountains, forests, seas and valleys 
This naturally world to have lived in 
I give thanks, each day, each day I give thanks 
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  1. Great flow of history woven through the poetry.

  2. constantly I am made aware
    In acknowledgement, how insignificant we are
    For what we fight for, to own , to build ...tru that man...

    been a while since i have seen you...

  3. And instantly I am made to appreciate
    What mother nature has offered so freely ... so true...when i'm surrounded by nature, thankfulness sometimes just overwhelms me...so much beauty...

  4. Nicely done expression of gratitude there at the end.

  5. Such ambition in this invocation... and a wonderful segue into thankfulness.

  6. Really natural write thanks so much.


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