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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

When Stars Shine

Those were the days, my friend 
There was a time, my friend   
When the stars were stars  
And lived by the name, in that regard  

For the very meaning of the word  
When the sixties swing, glit  
A' words like stylish a' chic had meaning, 
In that regard 

Betty Boo and Marilyn Monroe had class  
Enough to blush the priest not blind his holiness   
With antics, and dress codes  worn to reveal 
In that regard 

Alluring seduction, when imagination had a place 
There was a time when class had meaning 
We were graced with elegance, finesse 
In that regard

I curse the paparazzi 
And the it girls "Paris Hilton
The Essex girls "Jordan
In that regard

In that regard
And the mockery of supposed socialite
Like "Kim Kardashian" to have turned the dream 
In to a pantomime of cheap porn 

There was a time when 
The stars were stars, groomed 
With etiquette of finishing schools
In that regard 

They was a time 
They was a time 
When the stars were stars with shine 
In that regard, in that regard 
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  1. Excellent...it does seem there was a difference between yesterday's stars and today's! At least yesterday's stars had to go through some rites of passage rather than just descending in stardom because of their name and wild lifestyle.

  2. "In that regard" - works very well...

    I enjoyed the distinction between the stars before and now ~

  3. There was a time when class had meaning
    ... so true. Your repetition made me feel a longing for those days.

  4. I'm tutoring a four year old and had a hard time explaining "elegant" to him the other day, well not a hard time, just that, he didn't seem to have much to relate to in terms of the term.

  5. ooops...actually, i'm tutoring a fourth grader. I have no way to correct my comment, so I am amending it with a second comment.

  6. Yes I think you are right there was a time when stars were stars and they did shine. It seems now in america I can not see many stars in the sky anymore and no more shine in the skies. but on the islands of Tahiti the stars shine in the sky each night and they do shine really bright and you can still see shooting stars falling out of the skies on the islands.

  7. Yes, the stars of the forties and fifties, and the Silent Era, too, all had a mystique that seems to have been replaced by trashiness and cleavage. You could never mistake Katherine Hepburn for a high dollar prostitute, unlike the 'ladies' you named.

  8. Oh loveing all the old movies, I couldn't agree with you more. Even if the female stars were tramps in their real lives, they still had grace and style as they went about it! Now, apart from a few like Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchet and a few others of that same ilk, hardly any of them have that type of class anymore.
    Great use of the prompt and a pretty good statement too.


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