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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Rains on the Island

Mermaids are made of fiction 
Stories told to delight our imagination 
Like the flying little fairies  

Who parade with joy in back gardens 
So many in lists of creatures to mention 
All magical and wondrous in ways there are 

To cast a spell of enchantment 
So many children stories, inspired  
To have been told of fiction 

But in Europe laid an island 
Anglo, hair tin distance from the main land  
Where the tears of the clouds poured persistent  

Poured on so much, on the regular  
It turned the inhabitants into mermaids 
Such a place like a fish tank, England always wet

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  1. This is a stirring and lovely poem, which plays with the words like mermaids with the waves or like children with the rainbow, congratulation!!!

  2. I love your closing about how it rained so much it turned everyone on the island to mermaids. This is so well done and very lovely

  3. I really like how you did this, combine the magic of water and it's qualities with the mystical and then you gave us the down pour of reality~ Well Done!


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