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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Shelter of Amour

I have looked into the eyes of oblivion 
And seen the darkness that resides 
With comfort it festers and radiates   

It spreads like a flu and I have caught it's bug 
Cold with shivers and I sneezed 
Like others around me do, with spread 

Spreading it's disease, it's chest infection 
That fevers the heart, requiring to be contained 
To avoid the spread of contamination  

That grows strong with dispense  
Signs lie in the redness of the eye, the nose 
I cough, as though my soul begs to be let out 

Out of this cage of suffer 
With no antidote of manufacture
To cure it's ravage hold

Nothing but the smoothing of love 
Hot cocoa, hot lemonade, with honey  
Of the most beautiful flower's nectar, nursing   

I have caught a bug in need of cure 
Before my soul exile my encasement 
And die without the shelter of amour  

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  1. this can be an illness of the body needing a nurse...or a heart's lament needing love....love it!

  2. Hot cocoa, hot lemonade, with honey ...hm...love can tast like that for sure...the colder it gets..the bigger becomes the longing for some warmth...

  3. oh i can feel it...longing...nice textures to the taste of love...felt poem...


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