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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Loosely Wild

How close have you ever gotten to nature  
To sit on the edge of seats 
And watch its majesty with fancy, dazzling

Lions rawrrr in playful bravado
Rhinos gallop, then trot crossing over tracks
Wolves on each others backs in a playful banter

Tigers bluff, refusing to budge 
Sitting on a bench just sunbathing in daydream
I came to see you, give me a pose for the camera

To sit in the drivers seat,  at arms length  
And in front of watch, creatures known as wild as mighty
As beastly wild, step so close I get to touch them 

Giraffes so tall, they rain showers from dripping mouths
Buffalo keeping a distance, steam off  their nostrils, tell tale signs
Just to be sure, safe to be sure, keeping a distance 

Cheeky camels  stood obstructing traffic 
That is how close I got to nature 
When I went down to the safari 

I saw ant castles standing like home from home 
Saw sea lions jumping hoops, huge snakes  
And bats in enclosures  eerily  they flew 

Above my head and shoulders 
So close, so near, touching distance
Brought to life my fearful wonder

Scorpions and stone fish
Spiders, and stick insects
Down in the west midland 

Who would have thought 
A little savannah, safari park 
In the middle of England 

Could be so nice 
That is how close I got to nature 
Next step is Africa 

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  1. Wonderful! Impressive!
    Thanks for sharing this post and those beautiful pics, I enjoyed the visit.

  2. Was this your I Saw Sunday post? I enjoyed it very much, but find your blog difficult to get around - often the case with Blogspot, I fear.

  3. Thanks for the wild animal tour! and for linking to I Saw Sunday. :-)

  4. A white tiger! Is that a real white tiger?

  5. One day we shall only see 'wild' animals in conservation parks - shall we then realise what we have lost?

  6. Love your poem! Fab! Wait, a white tiger? Wow.

  7. Wonderfully entertaining poem. Very nicely done!


  8. Hey my friend have missed you
    delightful view from the bus...


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