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Saturday, 17 September 2011

God Made Me

Just before I pass off, pass on, stretch hands
And hand over battens, not yet, but
To the next in line, like legacy
Battens in rally ran, its your turn  

Whispering guidance
And lessons learnt
Take care on this road
It is long and treacherous

But full of hope and beauty
I have lived it, I know it
Suffered in its toil to gain its reward
Like harvest day, fruits in baskets 

Bring out your baskets
And be sent blessed
By his goodness, God gracious
Every day shower 

God made me, he ordained me 
So from the beginning I was destined
To be greater than great
The greatest in my own endeavours 

But never on a silver plate, 
To be placed, like the king on chess game
It is the journey that count,
It is the part, that is blessed the most, in blessing

To find myself, through gutters dug 
And know what I am made of, 
Capable now, to dance with the lions 
I am to be tested, to prove my worth

And stand on my own two feet  
Accomplished, no wobbles 
I am on top of the world with birds eye view
I see all, on the landscape

God made me
God made me
God made me

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