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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Holding On To Life

This is sad, truly sad indeed, I say 
to find my gold fish back broken 
I feared the worst, oh no
seeing observe it lie in awkward positions   

My heart dropped straight through my guts  
oh what such luck, this I tell you can not be good  
like a visit from death in seasons fall 
that weathers erode leaves as it passes by  

But this is my golden fish, with life of its own 
refusing to hand it over, like spare change 
loose laying and unwanted
This is value, worth of life, pure gold of living 

To my surprise goldy was still alive  
though I still feared the worst  
how long will it take, in this battle   
when darkened clouds gather, like vultures 

Sorrowfully I left for graft  
one has to earn his keep 
 in my thoughts this sorrow ponders  
holding me to ransom, with the passing of time  

Though tears are hard to come by 
these days, like diminished resources, recession  
in my heart I cried oceans, knowing I was 
only coming home to bury my goldy  

Yet it hanged on to life 
with stubbornness, refusing to give in 
and allow circling vultures 
to land and feast on its remains

I still fear the worst is yet to come 
how long can a fish live  
with a broken back 
Holding on, hanging on to life 

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  1. smart ..
    may you conquering fears in no time.

  2. O. poor little goldie. maybe you should put
    him/her {name} out of misery.

    compassionate well-done poem.

  3. o poor goldie - is he in pain, maybe it will
    be more humane to put him out of his misery

    love your compassion.


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