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Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Train Journey

I woke this morning bright 
In a warm sunny room in Kecskemet 
This was nice, nice I tell you

Packed my bags after a week stay in Hungary 
And headed to the train station
This was going to be my mood of saddle 

Travelled away from my rest bite, 
On a train, tracks he lay
He blows his horn, to announce his coming,  

Past the trees into the sky that lay 
He appears, blowing his horn 
To announce his coming 

First class was all but taken 
In seats,  designated for luxury travel
Bought on priority request 

I stood with luggage between my legs  
Window peeping for sight seeing 
The country side, provides view so perfect 

On this train I saw more of the country  
Hungary had to offer, in hidden treasures landscape   
Farms and houses with their own stories to tell  

I made my own stories to tell 
Flipping through towns  and country side passed by  
Sat on the train from Kecskemet to Budapest 

Jumped off, to the horn that blew
For stops, the train driver at my destination  reached
Another horn blow sent the train onwards without me 

Bye I said to the beautiful country
And the train that brought me here in travels 
Thanks I say for a beautiful journey you gave me
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  1. i wish we still traveled by train...a bit slower but so much more chance to see the world around us as we passed...i rather liked your poem kodjo

  2. beautiful... wonderful...Hungary. =)

  3. oh wow...thanks for the trip through hungary...sounds awesome...the train to budapest...great

  4. My favourite mode of transport. Lovely post! I particularly enjoyed your rest bite respite, and hope it was tasty.

  5. Thanks for leaving your link at I Saw Sunday Kodjo. :-)

  6. Sounds like an amazing ride even if you were cramped by your luggage :)


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