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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Charlie Chaplin

Oh Charlie , back when I was so young 
And the box set, I sat in front  
Only showed in black and white, so small  

No words spoken to show intent, signs 
Act, actions, oh but you made me laugh so loud 
And I brought the house down, with giggles   

Like the house of cards, tumbling, rolling with belly laughs 
Running in fast forward, on walk steps, dance steps
On two legged fork doing the one, two step 

You knew how to wow the girls, so much, you show off
Moving in cartoonish ways with sway 
Oh Charlie, oh Charlie, oh Charlie Chaplin  

What good old classics, truly time tested  
You gave to me in gift of joy and laughter
Like clock works you never failed to amuse, like clock works

You made me laugh a thousand laughs, belly laughs  
Tears in my eyes, my jaw hurts, I ask for more 
Just on silent movies, oh  what such classics  

Oh what such happiness 
You brought to my door step 
Oh Charlie, oh Charlie, oh Charlie Chaplin 
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  1. Reads like a song for Mr. Chaplin. Very nicely down. A great tribute.

  2. smiles...nice, lyrical at points, like the close...i remember them at gramma's house on sunday afternoons...

  3. Yes, I too felt it had lyric quality, well done.

  4. He did wow the girls, didn't he? No real macho stuff, just that goofy innocent oaf sense about him. It is lyrical in places, I agree. But most of all, it left me with a smile. Well met!


  5. wished I could hear you read or sing this one =) You brought back memories of watching memories...black and white tv...sitting in front, close... mom always saying not to be so close... I couldn't get enough.

  6. A song without notes: perfect for the muse. Isn't it wonderful that silence can bring such a joyful noise as the antics of the silent film stars did?

  7. I love the sing-song feel of this, too. Stanza three just made me smile big :) Thank you.

  8. Yes, I agree that these are lyrics to a song not yet composed! I hope this poem somehow, someway finds it's musical score because it deserves one!


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