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Thursday, 1 September 2011

A Mexican Stand-off

Some times I feel like greed 
Going after too many objects that glitter  
My eyes goes blind, and I am left with none  

Close though, always close enough 
To taste ownership of the dream 
So I make a come back, on addiction of ambition 

Sometimes I stretch so much, so far  
I lose elasticity and take on other forms 
Like what lies between magic and the spell "half baked"

Longer in such forms than I want to be 
In transformation state. No one is suppose to look 
In the  hot eyes of melting ore, not for that long  

Some times it is the commitment that lacks 
Like sitting to watch a screen play about, me myself a' I  
By a bunch of rebellious teenagers, with other plans 

There is always that tingling feeling 
That takes me back, with strive 
For a while away from procrastination 

That lures me into just one more step 
When I am past the muscles  stretch of strength  
Just one more, to shy procrastination 

Sometimes I take that step, with vim  
Other times I feel  so stretched 
Chasing two dreams on opposite ends 

Facing a Mexican stand-off with a handicap  
Awaiting for outcome on count down 
Between sat in sofa comfort procrastination and strive 

Something has got to give, that is the rule
Something always gives, that is the rule 
When the needle drops, that is the rule  

But for renewed strength from back bones 
Which says to one, take on the two, am with you 
I believe in you, and no mountain is too high to climb 

To make it to one's feet 
And still be the fastest shooter 
With smith and western 
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  1. I really like that opening stanza!

  2. Great poem - but I love this stanza:

    Sometimes I take that step, with vim
    Other times I feel so stretched
    Chasing two dreams on opposite ends

  3. Sometimes I take that step, with vim
    Other times I feel so stretched
    Chasing two dreams on opposite ends

    Love this stanza


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