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Monday, 12 September 2011

Value In Meaning

What is value to a man 
For whom, buying is his nature 
To replace with buy another 

After another, just buy, just buy 
With no strings of ownership, with pride 
Replace to have in bountiful, just buy 

Why ever not, if afford is nothing 
But a common currency, in abundance 
What is value to a man 

But then I saw another of man   
Sat with patience, with delicate parts to mend 
He took out and placed back together in repair 

With broken clocks, he hanged as new  
With more pride than ever before 
And sat back to appreciate it's value gained 

What is value to a man 
Who buys, buys to replace  
He buys, he buys, with no regard  
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  1. what is value when you can just buy another...and this translates across life when we treat nothing as special you know...thought provoking write...

  2. What is value? I used to value what was bought, but found no joy in such...now I value what was found, at no cost, such as these poetic thoughts, and I take much more pleasure from this. Really liked the mention of the non working clocks, and the pride despite

  3. I really like this poem and agree. Cheers, Wendy.

  4. Oh, I love the way you have captured this thought. The repetition of the words imitates his behavior (buy, buy) but does not diminish the value of this poem. Beautiful thinking, beautiful writing.

  5. I love your ending it seems like the world is becoming like this now. Why did you buy this in the first place was it only to take up a empty space that you thought should be filled this one is so true I like simple life and do not spend or buy to buy great poem


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