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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Law On Man

Absolute freedom and justice 
In a state, takes the form of multiple 
Dimensions, pyramid of  status a' weighing scale  

To allow some in society, the ease of free reign 
They take on roles, like gods amongst men 
They do no wrong, no blemish, no spot   

Not wrong in the true sense, on moral stand  
Omission, for only to be found guilty 
Is one responsible for their crimes 

This thus bring to mind the question I ask 
So what is the difference between 
The criminal mastermind a' the king in a kingdom

Only to be found guilty is one responsible 
In having the spot light shine on them
Morality is void in the eyes of the law made blind 

If society is weighed, on the backward scale of the law 
And morality is side lined on technicality 
W' is the difference between the king a' the criminal  

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  1. A thought-provoking and well defended poser!

  2. It seems these days that money can buy anyone guilty a not guilty sentence. Money talks in every walk of life.
    Great piece.

  3. Good work! And a very good question, indeed.


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