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Monday, 26 September 2011

Rains on the Crow

Close to discovery, stood in rains  
Like the crow on door knocks  
Awaiting stages to shine on  

Conditions on forces, do conspire  
To be left with the crucifix of perception  
Warmongering on fearful instinct,  against on reaction 

If only the crow had feathers so bright 
Like the parrot, like the birds of paradise 
To be given a platform in rooms 

So adored, delighted, on worship  
Hanged at the best spot, for all to see
Talked about, like the dolphin's prestige 

But not so says, was it to be 
Fearmongering on instinct
Perception had t' judges jumping off their skin 

It is the stories, from before as told   
The cinema clips projected, propaganda  
That holds the blame, as with t' books of history told

If only the director did pick another
Just not the crow, just not the crow
But another, just not the crow, Gothic, raven  

Left to stand in the rain 
Denied its rightful place of intelligence hold 
Darkness of it's feathers, hides its drench 
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  1. I really like crucifix of perception and dolphin's prestige...nice write...

  2. That is mysterious to say the very least. Nice Magpie

  3. yes, a great tragedy for Corvids. I love them all. ravens and wolves have a life long instinctual relationship of quite some depth ... and then there are idiots who wish to shoot the wolf from a helicopter.


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