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Friday, 2 September 2011

Subjective Perspective

A blow with a word strikes deeper
Than a blow with a sword 
Words are all we have 

Famously, frivolously, chitty chitty  
My girl says I make up words  
Sometimes I leave it blank, empty head in a room 

Meaning, this thing, "this thing" being my favourite line
Fills in the gap on thoughts, of  my missing words, read my mind 
Ok ok, time out, ours to hold, on hold, I remember word

Lets see, in pictures view  
Mirror, mirror, on the dictionary wall of words 
To whom is the word, best to behold 

This hold adds meaning in definitions expressed  
Thesaurus gives options, go on make my day 
On words to replace with, then with, them with  

Poets like big words, again with confusing conundrums 
As if methaphors are not  
Hard enough to decipher   

So brain works, brain food 
Brain storm, tic toc, tic toc,  sudoko
You should know by now

Already by now this is me ranting. 
But to t' point to be made, by now, on words with words
Chaos and order are two sides of the same coin 

So who holds order, ready in exchange for chaos 
Curiosity always gets the better of man in exchange 
I am heading towards order with word, patience,  me love 

The thing is, this thing is 
Poetry like abstract painting 
Needs subjective, perspective, rendition  

For the individual to make their own 
Mirror, mirror on the wall, this thing, with words 
Who is the most beautiful, of them all, to be used "subjective" 

Note: if you understood this poem, then you did better than I did

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  1. This was wonderful - I especially loved the final two stanzas!

  2. So much is subjective in poetry, Kodjo. You have that right. (visiting from Poets United)

  3. i agree with mary about subjectivity


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