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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Secret Society

I am moved, so move over  
Roll over, step aside and watch 
How it is done, how it is to be done 

Show your badge for entry 
In secret societies, secret handshakes  
Recite, the secret phrase for passage 

We done did it before, emancipation 
Once upon a time in stories we hold  
So this is just repetitive, like face wash 

Every morning, done on instinct  
And when we done with the roads  
That elevate, like help books, we make our own  

On the thought of mind control , awaking 
Road maps, passage through forest
Of non explored, realisation done with a stride

Observers perplexed, like watching a man levitate
While stood shocked, mesmerised, with no utter 
We run on water 75%, walk on air with breath 

And we've got that, passwords, secret handshakes  
Unlock secret gates with secrets codes
And find realisation, like awakening from coma

But you are not to be forgiven
To be caught out by the storm, in the storm
And stretch out for sympathy

Even kids don't do that any more
And we grown men, women 
So behave, simply put 

The wise speak in proverbs 
To sieve out the likes in mind
On the same wave length, minded 

Its like speaking in a foreign language
For the man, who knows no different
From being spoon fed

So this is the secret society
Codes of common sense to be applied
Waves in length, wave length of the mind
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  1. this one is so vivid and powerful.

    thanks for the entertainment.



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