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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Anchored In Seats

I am anchored in my seat 
Sweat runs through my glands 
For the battles, we are assigned to 

To deal with, on allocation, on life
Destiny's reflections, demands I take my share 
Of the weight and sweat it out 

The rest of the world thus the same 
And everyone comes in, to pick up tools
Wake the morning, to clock in work cards 

Lined like chickens, in farms
Industrial in categories, battery
Of predicaments faced, order pickings 
Forced on or by choices made 
Stood in subconsciousness of uniformity 
If only we shared stories to know 

Too much weight for that, time spent
Sympathy will only slow us down
Productivity on targets to be achieved 

On factory floors,  on thread-miles of life
Each to his own, departmental codes
Obstacles assigned to

I am anchored in my seat 
Like its nobody's business 
You don't have to know

You don't have to know, my child
Where I slept the night 
If  I slept the night, or sat with worry  

After I finished my shift in day light 
To be granted a rest bite
If I slept the night 

Others pick up tools, on their turn
Pick up from where they left off 
Anchored in seats 

Departmental codes 
Predicaments of obstacles assigned 
To be anchored in seats of life 

Slowly breaking chains
You don't have to know 
You don't have to know my child 

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