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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Blind Helper

Eerily back to the accession being made, concession of thoughts  
Eerily, eerily, perplexed to notions, the cosmos holds back, its secrets  

Determined not to spoil the surprise, with party popper's contest 
Wrapped in a dozen gift wraps"bulky", still silent about the pyramid  

If there is a God, "mist" myth of mystery, then it is his biggest task 
Forget your selfish daily prayers “God save me”  possessed by snob 

Picking out unwanted colors, resigned on M &M as requisite 
With preference, reference of selected gratitude, attitude  

Like aristocratic men, sat on the breaking back of  the camel 
Complaining of  the smell from fur, on journeys through the desert 

If not for the blindness of faith 
And the camel with thick skin and deaf ears; to nagging men 

"God save me" "God save me" "God save me" "why me" 
Oh, for the blind helper, and the patience weights he bears  


  1. yes where would they be without the camel?

  2. I don't think I got this at all, but you certainly made me concentrate!

  3. yes. God please squeeze out all of our self-centeredness and fear.
    'mist of mystery'

  4. And the camel with thick skin and deaf ears; to nagging men

    I want to be more like that camel.

  5. I like how you mixed in the older, more traditional images such as the camel and the pyramid with contemporary images like M&Ms.

  6. Poetry isn't my thing. That being said, I do love the images you've weaved into this piece. It was still strong and driving, which I think is hardest to do in poetry. Well done!


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