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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Bird's Flight

Boarders cutting across webscape are made void
Where commentary is made for  free surf 
But with the tender hooks held of what is known 

After freedom is given, we still opt for safe grounds
My locality is still my locality regardless
But I have been to many foreign lands before

On Google Street maps, oh and few islands dotted
On the ocean breeze as paradise set in Bali
With coconut a’ white sands, I have seen the Caribbean

I have been to Alaska before, as cold as shiver
And with polar bears and Eskimos
I have sat on a sledge to slide, glide the white snow

But more done usual on surfs my surf spots
Are always somewhere nearby on the grid, Bristol
Like Africa the savannah, so familiar in looks to relate
With Google, street view eye, to give bird eye view
My home and places I have visited in person before
Are always strangly the places I frequent most

Like a bird with recurrent visits
To places well known, free but with tender hooks held
As familiar of what is known, as safe grounds


  1. I like this poem...it reminds me of my travels...i do want to go back to alaska

  2. Great poem, i love to read your poem very much. Thanks a lot for sharing. I'll visit your blog again.


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