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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Fortress, Fickle : Identity

What is your word? 
To define a state of being 
Where most comfortable to be found 

What is your place ? 
A location in mind set, site 
Or geographical stand 

Stripped bare with no add ons 
No discount given to acquire
No bravado or pretence to hold for a while 

No gimmick, like the puffed out chest
And wings span spread, stretched out
Like the turkey, talking turkey 

What is your name
Where honesty is made
Your mirrors reflection, stirring back

Who are you
Before the door bell rings
To move into a character played 


  1. I like the comparison between world and place -- very cool!

  2. i like that you call this a gimmick. in a way this art style is a gimmick. and no, i would not want to look in the mirror and see THAT staring back. yeah...that would be the day!!

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  3. "...like the turkey talking turkey"...nice...

  4. Loved this: "Who are you; Before the doorbell rings?"
    Great self-question!

  5. yeah- who are we before we open the door?

  6. Made me think. (Yes, that occasionally does happen...)



  7. Indeed, who are we ?, thanks


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