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Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Miracle In Temple Quay

On the roof top at the No. one square 
Temple Quay where locations are set 
Seeing breath distance from the train station 

Temple Mead; where work men and women 
Gallavant  at a pace set in motion
Only privileged to the week day's hustle 

And just before 0900 and 1730 with starbuck cups
To and fro, to earn their keep 
Hunters in suits and ties, in office blocks 

"Tic, toc, tic, toc, Burry on the hurry, harry" 

Here where nature is altered 
And the trees that grounds, what few stands 
Are positioned and assigned by architecture 

"Placed to stand no higher than prescribed" 

And on the roof top, a miracle at No. one the square 
A life takes form to perfection of nature 
Repeated over the millenia as constant 

Hoovering up above on protection duty 
The seagulls warns off, intruders to alarm
From what miracle of life they nest 

On this busy patch of concrete architecture 
Where man runs in chase of time 
Nature just carries on with miracles, regardless 


  1. Yes, thank goodness Mother Nature beautifully carries on while we humans are so tied up with our whatevers.

  2. I love this, especially "Nature just carries on regardless". You have captured the urban scene so well. Love the seagulls!


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