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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fastened Parachutes

Dreams alternate realities 
Concept, visions and surrealism  

Altered transpiring translucent sights 
Abstract notions enforcing angles

Last night, I dreamt I jumped in parkour 
From a roof top unto the grounds below 

Then the grounds gave in, caved in  
Such intense physical feeling of being absorbed

I went through the earth solid each layer
Then suddenly through the clouds I appeared 

And there I was, falling from the sky 
With g-force and vertigo so vivid in perception

Bizarre irrational plunging at sensation 
So tonight I have got myself a parachute, fastened 

Try me tonight, with fall or bury 
Try me tonight,  with a parachute fastened I come ready 


  1. 'So tonight I have got myself a parachute fastened'

    Chuckles! And to keep on with the times get your specs on for a 3d effect too! Wonderful write Kodjo!


  2. I enjoyed this, Kodjo. Good lesson: Be prepared for what one knows one will dream!

    (Visiting from Poetry Pantry)

  3. Oh, one of my faves of yours, Kodjo. I love the falling through the ground and, underneath that, the sky. That is metaphysical in scope. The parachute is a good idea......the image is wonderful, too.

  4. wonderful imagery throughout Kodjo!

  5. a parachute, good thinking.

    my dreams are vivid too. good writing.

  6. Excellent piece!! I greatly enjoyed reading it. That last line was the icing on the cake.
    Sorry my return visit from the Poetry Pantry is late!


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