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Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Hero Is My Father

A voice that tingles to awaken the in side of me
Like a spiritual calling, back to my instinct hear

To strive on journeys through forests and hills 
Valleys and deserts, seeking my establishment 

Father the propeller of my drive, one-half of a parent 
My hero of inspiration you provide belief 

My reference call, my ambition sight 
My adoration with thumbs up to say with pride 

"Son  I am proud of you" 
Father I am glad you are 

And to you this day stands 
And to you a Father's day to celebrate 


  1. Very happy Father's Day to you, sir! :-)

  2. A very nice tribute to fathers.

  3. A powerful rich man- to-man tribute ...." my reference call - my ambition sight ". Beautiful . Happy Fathers' Day :)

  4. This is so touching. You are a lucky young man, to have a father who is your hero. I hope you both have a lovely father's day together.

  5. excellent writing and a great tribute to fathers...may this day be as happy for you as it is for me.

  6. Ahhhh...my dad!
    Written so like an African too - I hear drums in the forests and hills...!

    By the way, I've come across you on a few blog feeds - makes me kinda excited, like - hey! I know that guy!

  7. I am so glad you have that kind of father to send this tribute out to. Wonderful.


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