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Monday, 25 June 2012

Our worth in salt

So good to be believed in 
But regardless, regardless
As stands we take, here we draw a line

You cannot deny us the essence we hold
And think ill of our dreams so strong
To think you weild in holding hands

Enough dark fate to bring death to growth
On seedlings we keep in the greenhouse nurtured
Watered,  and so dearly, much, much cared for

Do you not know that death, in its full glory
Does not become of all with life
Even after bush fire's rage

How else do you think life evolved
After the death of the dinosaur
And whatever caused such trend

I have come to know of you
Of your acid tongue, observed
I have seen you burn a few, as witness

To know what most you take delight in
To relish in the fall of good men
By your scant scandal;

We sprinkle salt on our door steps
We sprinkle salt to ward off
To uphold our worth in salt


  1. You cannot deny us the essence we hold
    And think ill of our dreams so strong

    i like the strength in those words....and the symbolism of laying the salt on the door way as well...

  2. Such a universal substance - required for life, but also so acrid. Very interesting. k.

  3. I suddenly feel thirsty! Delightful.

  4. Salt that flavors and binds

  5. Very nice...like weaving magic. 'Ashindwe' in swahili. Enjoyed.

  6. just awesome your words depict life like dew. many thanks


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