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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Shark Attitude

I am like a shark, built like a shark 
If I am not pushing past, dynamic speed  
The norm with vigour and fight of a warrior 

With confidence mixed in fuel of strive 
Like a high breed, built for the course 
Speed lane, salt lake, land records 

To walk gallantly on ropes 
Like a circus performer with tricks 
Believing in his own hype to walk on water 

Then I will slowly fade 
Shadows into procrastination 
Sunk into the depths of despair 

With frustration anchoring 
Heavy to the sea bed, like a debt collector's grip 
Fed on, by the fish vultures of the sea  

I am like a shark 
If I do not swim, I will drown 
With closed gills I will drown, drown I say
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  1. i def like the close....if i dont swim i will drown as i think that translates into several areas of life for sure...

  2. Great picture!
    Good read...the last stanza closes well.

  3. This has a strong sense of voice, and I really enjoyed how you got into the skin of the shark as seen from a human perspective. You can use your description to describe the way that some others might live their lives, or feel about themselves. I found the following line very intriguing, which kind of anchors what goes before and after in the narrative:

    With frustration anchoring
    Heavy to the sea bed, like a debt collectors grip
    Fed on by the fish vultures of the sea


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