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Monday, 11 June 2012

The Second Wind

Many a phrase to have known  
When I was a child, as young as a child  
When I was a child, many a phrase I knew 

Many a phrase I knew in notions 
When I was a child, when I was a child 
And they all came in poems I did rhyme to 

On the play ground, jumping hops and singing to 
Many a phrase in poems I knew, I knew 
Like Peter piper, Jack and Jill and pop  goes the weasel 

But as an adult, in adulthood, I learnt of "the second wind" 
Wait and hold back for "the second wind"  
Half way through comes "the second wind" 

It is said that, one has to wait, and hold on  
Go past, close to giving up, reach out 
At the junction of perseverance 

Past the notion of doubtful thought  
Incomes "the second wind", "the second wind"
Sports men and women knows best  of "the second wind"  

As an adult I came to know of "the second wind"
This far gone, here comes "the second wind"  
What gives, what gives, its "the second wind"  

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