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Friday, 29 June 2012

An English Weather Report

This is an English weather report
Brought to you by; the weather man is on strike.

There is a like for a dislike and a dislike for a like
To do with the English weather; a dislike a like

To do, to do, to do, to do, to do
My brolly out, to do, to do, to do; I say

If frustration had its way
To crack a whip, it would without hesitation
Of course it would do, without contemplation
On the backside of the weather's play

Hmm, I guess that would
Just mean more tears on sensitivity

The weather is just too hypersensitive
With tear drop so frequent, call on encore

But for most part, it does not pour
Not like it does with the hyperactive rush

Of the tropics with sentiments so strong
Best advice, be advised; escape from its way

Gently, gently, subtle to do, to do, to do
A like of a dislike and a dislike of a like

O rainy England, to do, to do, to do, to do
What am I to do, to do, with you

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  1. Totally love your poetry ... and It was an awful pleasure to have met you

  2. Totally love your poetry , and it was an awful pleasure to have met you at the event that took place ! ... keep the amazing work up

  3. Great poem, written so smoothly that it flowed easily!

  4. Great commentary on the usually rainy Old Blighty, now the exceedingly flooding Old Blighty, what to do with you? So true!

  5. Lovely poem! Sounds just like a song!


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