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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Palm Reading

I opened my palms smooth 
To a palm reader on a foggy day  

Who took lines in my palm 
And cast a rough lenient spell on me 

Why did I open my palms 
To a gypsy palm reader in a tent 

On a day that held 
My birth right of passage 

On a day open doors laid bare 
Lack of closure to the spirit world 

I opened my palms wide 
To a palm reader, who cast a spell on me 

But then she missed a line, my struggle strive 
Faint but relevant, she missed my abundance line 


  1. Very well penned, Kodjo. Enjoyed your masterful use of the words. I am sure the reading would have been MUCH different had the gypsy palm reader seen that 'line of abundance.'

    So glad you found the 'revived' vice/versa. To help the site grow, I hope you will also be able to visit others who post over the next day! Thank you, if you are able to do so.

  2. Kodjo, I like this very much! Especially that the fortune teller missed the line of abundance!

  3. I've always wanted to do this, for fun but I think it could be disturbing if one got news they didn't want or a line was missed...great write!

  4. Excellent! And I am glad you escaped the spell! Beware those palm readers. LOL

  5. missing the struggle line makes he a very bad fortune teller,
    Great piece.

  6. ...I opened my palms wide
    To a palm reader, who cast a spell on me...

    I like this poem alot! Do you know Ben Okri? Read him?
    This one makes me think how much of life lies in the palms of our hands.

    Very nice.

  7. Not sure I got this, but you certainly know how to use words :o)


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