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Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Secret Box

Letters and poems kept in an old box 
I have scribbled on paper a dozen times 
A thousand letters and poems I wrote 

Folded in an old box, a thousand words 
Painted on a canvas, inscriptions of you 
Evoking a mask of emotions so strong 

With some addressed, letters I wrote 
A thousand others with a name in mind 
With some posted, yet never delivered 

With some un-addressed a thousand 
Still always with a name in mind 
Lost in transit sometime before dawn 

Under my bed post, on old emotions recurring 
I have written a thousand poems, in a secret box 
A thousand love letters, all addressed to you 

But I am forbidden to reach out to you 
Forbidden to ever mention thy name 
For my love has been rejected by you 

And all the letters I once sent out 
Have all been marked return to sender 
Stamped with a seal of rejected post 

I have an old box a secret old box 
With letters and poems I wrote to you 
I have under my bed a secret old box 


  1. A sweet conceit, beautifully expressed.

  2. i am one of those, who would write lines on a piece of paper, sometimes even on tissue papers while having coffee or dining, and keep them for future use... hehehe...

    nice one!


  3. I think some of those letters should have been mailed.....sad.

  4. This is incredibly sweet. The grief that strikes on not being able to say a few words, the mystery of the future, the silent, hidden love. Everything's well covered.

  5. Very thought-provoking. I too have many unsent letters. Sometimes it's better that way.

  6. W.O.W.... i totally loved this one! Very romantic.. with a tinge of sadness too! But beautifully expressed..

    Old pages invite prying

  7. I liked the repetition of certain phrases evoking the possible despair of the letter writer.

  8. Love this! The last stanza, so poignant.

  9. Nice take on those unmailed and unread letters ~ Maybe in hindsight, it was best for everyone ~

  10. smiles..i would hope that one day she would get to read them, if she has not yet...

  11. "Under my bed post, on old emotions recurring
    I have written a thousand poems, in a secret box
    A thousand love letters, all addressed to you"

    My favorite lines are the stanza above. In our heart of hearts, there is always one that we hold onto more dearly than all the others. Beautifully captured.

  12. nice - you quickly built a narrative

  13. Beautiful...I like the repetition of the word "thousand"...

  14. Oh to have a thousand love letters....! Very nice !

  15. Even one letter is a thousand memories worth. So imagine the power of a thousand. :) Nicely done. :)

  16. The end is terribly romantic, love the visuals!! :)


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