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Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Mob's Call

The words that thinkers loud in me 
Illusive eureka moment, momentarily with sparkle  
Holds me down like the mob with connections 

Serving a protection racket enforced 
Sending me on a course close to insanity 
For a pen and a paper cannot sit idle 

Long enough without my inscription scribble 
To off load and fill a sense of relief, brief 
Absent realism, escape this unwanted 

In search of immortality as legacy dreamt of 
As trade to give this present day as pay cheque   
As an exchange to a loan from a loan shark 

Wanting pay before returns of investment 
So passion, addiction, obsession 
All come in, to claim a part of the day 

While the rest of  day becomes loose change  
In days dream, the mobs keep calling 
My addiction is relentless 


  1. this is absolutely brilliant...I really enjoy the way your mind directs your fingers to write...yours is an awesome talent.

  2. Love the way you play with words and meanings here. I agree with gsb--Brilliant!

  3. Your words should inspire me to write better!

  4. this is really good. one of your beset. and i like that you culminate that the lifestyle is addictive. i guess that's why "he" makes all these excuses.

    done for

  5. Nice write...I especially like the last stanza and the notion of a day becoming loose change...

  6. my pen and paper can not sit idle for sure....smiles.

  7. I hate it when the somebody in the mob calls! Ha! Ha! Great piece!

  8. Loved this, and especially:

    "While the rest of day becomes loose change."

    As powerful as the addictions of which you speak.



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