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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Concept and Meaning

Do you think, dogs and cats 
Parrots; pets alike of  "rare" selected fortunate few 

Consider themselves privileged 
Enough to be snobbish with nose high to commoners

To have characters of class and caste  
Against others that walk the roads in day and night 

Neglected, put down  and destroyed by massacre called mercy 
Because no one came to claim as loved nigh free-spirit 

No pet insurance to cover cost 
Of medical bills nor comfy bed rest as warmth 

Relish the chance of  whole grounds built
Estate of will, being left to her advantage feline  

Will she, does she; feel honoured  as an aristocrat
Or made to look stupid, to justify such claim   

Never mind that of humanity mirrored 
Nor those close to the homeless stray 

Concept and meaning 
If I through a coin what end will land to decide fate 
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  1. Interesting to contemplate, Kodjo. I think animals think in the moment, enjoy their life for what it is whether on the streets or in a mansion. It saddens me though, the fate of some cats & dogs who have no one to care about them; and I guess all one can do is make sure those in one's own environment are cared for. Thought provoking.

  2. I read this poem in a "there could go I" way regarding homeless srays of all species.

  3. Yes, this makes me think, Kodjo. I mourn for uncared for animals. So many of them, everywhere.

  4. The animals may not realize how different or fortunate they are from the strays. They only kiss the hands of those who feed them.They only realize it when they are abandoned. Pity! Good write Kodjo!



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