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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bingo On The Jeremy Kyle Show

Who will claim this ownership and be known
Who will come with basket full of goodies to outdoor

But before claim, who holds in hands apologise
For the disrespect; of owning before given

Who will come with name in mind
And say this is mine, I am here to claim

Who is brave enough to pull his own
His head above the parapet from hearing calls

Gone are the days of rendezvous and delight
Praying the sun goes down and make darkness hello

Your companion a party to the crime as crime
As one of many, uninvited to open house the pleasure

But who will lay claim of the burden
Such weight brings as responsibility holds

Where are the chaps with voices loud
Who once marked spots and claimed territory strong

Are we to DNA test, on Jeremy Kyle before disclosure
Before cowards will announce their names from hide

Who is Bingo, my canine’s baby father to be
Many that barked to celebrate entry

On occasion activity stack jointed, w' troubles of departure
Who is my Bingo's baby father; I want a name

Picture by: Alex Kisilevich

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